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  • Editing Tips: Making the Most of Your Hard Copy Review

    Editing Tips: Making the Most of Your Hard Copy Review

    I get a bit too attached to my work, so I need to force a degree of separation between myself and what I’m writing. Reviewing a hard copy does this for me.

  • Dealing with Failure

    Dealing with Failure

    Having a plan, any plan, makes the situation feel less hopeless, more manageable, and is a good reminder that my journey as a writer is not over because of one rejection.

  • Four Things I’m Doing To Finish My Novel this November

    Four Things I’m Doing To Finish My Novel this November

    Right, so last week I announced that I was doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this year as a way to help me finish my novel. I mean, technically I’m not “doing” NaNo because I’m not trying to get to 50K words in one month. My novel is already over 50K, and I’m just trying […]

  • Formatting Tips for Your Manuscript: First Line Indents and Double Spacing

    So, last summer I received feedback on my manuscript, Footfall, from a published author. It was great feedback, very helpful. But one of the items of feedback that caught me off guard the most had nothing to do with the content of my story, but instead how it was formatted.

  • All the Reasons You Should Read the Broken Earth Trilogy

    All the Reasons You Should Read the Broken Earth Trilogy

    The Hugo Award-winning Broken Earth Trilogy is a great read, and here are all the reasons you should pick it up.

  • Another Draft Finished and My Summer Writing Plans

    It has been some time since I last updated this blog, and I feel I’m due for a new post. The last few months have been challenging on many levels, especially for writing and my dedication to this book. I’ll share some of those challenges and what I think the next few months will look like […]

  • Hello, there! I’m Back.

    Hello, there! I’m Back.

    Hello, everyone. It’s been…. quite awhile. One year, four months, and nine days to be precise. Yikes. What have I been doing over the past year? Not a lot, honestly. OK, that’s not true at all. I’ve been busy, I just haven’t been writing. That kind of sucks, but it’s also been good in some […]

  • So You Want a Steady Job in Writing: 4 Industries Seeking Writers that You Might Not Have Considered

    I know from personal experience that many people feel writers have fairly limited career paths. After graduating with my English degree, I frequently was asked if I would teach, and after I responded in the negative, they asked what I could possibly do that was stable. The truth is there are many stable writing careers […]

  • Creative Theft: 3 Great Writers Who Stole Their Best Ideas

    It’s vital that all authors find their own voice and strive toward a creative approach to their story. However, it’s also a little ridiculous to believe that all works of fiction must be entirely new and original. For instance, I grew a little nervous when a friend compared the magic system in my book to alchemy […]

  • Writing Buddies

    A common stereotype for writers is that we’re quiet, solitary things with a propensity for addictive substances and hermit huts. There’s some truth to this stereotype, but I intentionally fight against it. For one, it fails to take into consideration the powerful work that can be done in collaboration. As I work on growing in my […]